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Case History

Case History

Albéa Cosmetics offers the world’s largest range of beauty, personal care and pharma packaging.
They have leadership positions in plastic & laminate tubes, mascaras, lipsticks, samplers and foam pumps, and recognized expertise in fragrance & skincare dispensing pumps, fragrance & lotion caps, compacts, lipgloss, promotional items and accessories.
Their 16,000+ people serve large and small customers in 60 countries across the world and operate 38 manufacturing facilities in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

  • Electrical power produced: 500 kW
  • Thermal power recovered: 530 kW
  • Natural gas consumption: 1215 kW
  • Plant running hour: > 5500 hours/year
  • Hot water temperature: 85 °C
  • Chilled water temperature: 8 °C
  • Exhaust gas temperature at stack: < 95 °C
  • Plant efficiency: > 84%
  • Plant footprint: 15 x 4 m

Eremo di Miazzina – located at 720 a.s.l., facing the Lago Maggiore, Verbania province, represents one of the most important rehabilitation center in Piedmont region and it is accredited at the National Sanitary System.
The building looks like an early 900’ Switzerland hotel: big spaces, lunch room and reception are adequate to a large number of guests in comfort conditions.
Eremo di Miazzina is part of Garofalo group, a national sanitary reality of primary importance which operates in the health and therapy field, with 13 excellence clinics within the best on the european panorama.

  • Electrical power produced: 155 kW
  • Thermal power recovered: 190 kW
  • Natural gas consumption: 366 kW
  • Plant running hour: > 7500 hours/year
  • Hot water temperature: 85 °C
  • Exhaust gas temperature at stack: < 90 °C
  • Plant efficiency: > 90%
  • Plant footprint: 6 x 4 m