05 October 2021

ACS Dobfar S.p.A.- Trigeneration

Established in 1973, Acs Dobfar is an Italian, privately held, chemical-pharmaceutical company that has achieved, over its 50 years of experience, a strong leading position in the health-care sector.


Energy Efficiency First

The plant is realized in order to produce simultaneously electric, thermal and refrigerating energy generating considerable advantages for the Customer: optimization of energy efficiency, cost reduction and lower environmental impact.
The plant will be equipped with:

  • Latest generation Kawasaki GPB50D turbine with electrical output at the site of 4.4 MW
  • Water tube saturated steam generator
  • Economizer for hot water production
  • Natural gas post-combustion burner with an output of 12 t/h of saturated steam
  • Absorption refrigeration unit of 2 MWf able to generate chilled water at 7 °C
  • SCADA control and supervision system entirely realized by Mercurio and including the monitoring and optimization system of the energies produced on site

In August we started the site activities at Acs Dobfar plant in Anagni: our Team has completed the installation of the cooling towers and of the absorption unit and then the installation of the steam recovery generator. At the same time, the assembly of the piping for the circuits and process fluids and auxiliary plants has been carried out. In these days the delivery and the positioning of the new GPB50D turbine by Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe GmbH took place. Now the team is completing the electrical and electro-instrumental assembly that will allow the activation of the control system and SCADA. The first necessary checks on the correct completion of the assemblies are in progress, preparatory phase to the subsequent commissioning that will allow to start the hot tests and the entry into production of the entire plant within the scheduled time.