Gas Engine Generator Set KG-12-V

In 2007, Kawasaki developed a revolutionary gas engine with 48.5% efficiency and a low NOx combustion system. Now an improved model with 49.5% efficiency is also available. Power plants employing our Green Gas Engines realize lower operating costs, as well as low emissions to benefit the environment. These high-efficiency gas engines can further reduce operating costs in simple cycle or combined heat and power applications.

  • World’s best electrical efficiency of 49.5% and 49.0%
  • Minimum impact on environment. Less than 200ppm (0.8g/kWh) @0% 02 NOx emission
  • Wide and continuous operation range Flexible operation with a load range of 30-100%
  • High partial load efficiency Approximately 45% electrical efficiency at 50% load
  • Quick start-up – Less than 10 minutes from standstill to 100% load

Gas Engine KG-12

  • Electrical power5,200 kW
  • Fuel input10,600 kW
  • Efficiency49.5 %
  • Exhaust gas mass flow8.8 kg/s
  • Exhaust gas temperature320°C
  • Generator voltage6.3 / 10.0 / 11.0 kV
  • Fuel typeNatural Gas
  • EmissionsNOx: 200 ppm
  • Exhaust heat2.7 MW
  • Methan number>65
Performance under ISO conditions w/o duct losses at Generator Terminal.

Performance Diagrams at ISO conditions

KG-12-V_Diagram Electrical Efficiency
KG12_Typical layout drawing