Gas Turbine Generator Set GPB180D

Kawasaki GPB180 is 18MWe open cycle, single shaft type gas turbine which comprise of 11 stage axial flow compressor and 3 stage axial turbines. The gas turbine generator set consists of gas turbine engine, engine control system, generator, and the package auxiliary system such as reduction gear, coupling, lubrication, starting and turning system. It is equipped with eight can combustor system with crossfire tubes for flame propagation. There are 2 types of models for this series which is GPB180 (conventional diffusion) and GPB180D (dry low emission). The applicable fuel for GPB180 is Natural Gas.

Gas Turbine Type L20A

  • Electrical power18,500 kW
  • Fuel input35,899 kW
  • Efficiency34.3%
  • Exhaust gas mass flow59.81 kg/s
  • Exhaust gas temperature542°C
  • Generator voltage10.5 kV
  • Steam mass flow 8 bar(g) saturated37.0 t/h
  • Fuel typeNatural Gas
  • EmissionsNOx: 15 ppm CO: 25 ppm
Performance under ISO conditions w/o duct losses at Generator Terminal.

Performance Diagrams at ISO conditions

GPB180D_Diagram Electrical Power GPB180D_Diagram Exhaust Gas Flow
gpb180d_Typical Layout Drawing