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Since 2016, MERCURIO has been the official dealer in the Italian market for Kawasaki Gas Turbine GmbH, a subsidiary of KAWASAKI Heavy Industries Ltd.

Gas Turbines and Engines are fully made in Japan and self-developed with the latest and proven technologies.

Kawasaki has a gas turbine range from 1.7 MWe to 30 Mwe: Kawasaki GPB Series is designed for baseload applications, for both parallel operation with the grid and island mode operation. In addition, the Kawasaki GPB Series are able to operate in co-generation service, with automatic operation capability supplying both electricity and heat (steam, hot water, direct heat) by collecting waste heat with a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), heat exchanger, or dryer, and in Combined Cycle with a steam turbine generator. With high total thermal efficiency, the Kawasaki GPB Series are capable of highly efficient operation.

Gas Engine

Kawasaki has extended its product range with high efficient Gas Engine KG-18-V with 7.8 MWe and an incomparable efficiency of 49.5% and KG-12-V with 5.2 MWe and same efficiency!

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Flexibility has always been one of our most important pluses

Our company has developed highly specialized skills enabling it to perform in-house every single stage required for the development and design of plants.