14 December 2021

Sacchetto S.p.a. – Cogeneration

Sacchetto S.p.A., an Italian family-run company leading in the production of starch derivatives: it transforms agricultural materials, such as wheat and rice into different ranges of products, sold as high-quality ingredients for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and paper industries.


New cogeneration plant

The cogeneration plant will enable Sacchetto S.p.A. to meet 100 percent of its energy needs and will be equipped with:

  • Kawasaki GPB50D gas turbine with 4.2 MW electrical output at the site
  • Water-tube saturated steam generator
  • Natural gas post-combustion system to ensure an output of 15 t/h of saturated steam
  • Natural gas compressor
  • Medium and low voltage electrical systems serving the new cogeneration plant
  • SCADA control and supervision system entirely built by Mercurio and including the monitoring and optimization system of the energy produced on site

Follow us for progress on site!

Sacchetto 1